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Databank Balanced Fund Limited

Thu, 23 Mar 2023
Bid Price
Offer Price
22 Mar 2023
1.0028 1.0129
Close 1.0055 1.0155
Inception Date 03 Dec 2007
Fund Manager Databank Asset Management Services Ltd
Management Fees 1.50%
6M Ch 0.05(+4.94%)arrow_drop_up
1Y Ch 0.10(+11.11%)arrow_drop_up
3Y Ch 0.34(+50.55%)arrow_drop_up

The Databank Balanced Fund (Bfund) is an open-ended mutual fund that seeks to achieve growth in income and capital. The Fund also aims at providing liquidity and conserving principal. The main objective of the Fund is to pool funds and invest them in high quality fixed income and equity securities. The fixed income instruments include government debt instruments, Commercial Paper, Bankers' Acceptances and Certificates of Deposits. The equity securities component comprises listed stocks of good performing companies on regulated stock markets within Africa. Bfund seeks to provide a combination of income and growth to investors who want a flexible instrument to meet their medium-term to long-term financial planning needs at a moderate level of risk. Bfund is also aimed at investors who want to take advantage of the benefits of both markets, that is, high returns and moderate risk.


The fund seeks to achieve its objective through investment in a diversified portfolio of equities and fixed income securities and corporate bonds. It is the Manager's intention not to invest more than 60% of its net assets in equities and to invest not less than 40% in of its net assets in money market and fixed income securities. The fund may invest in equity securities not listed or quoted on a stock exchange; such an investment may not exceed 15% of its total net asset value. The Fund may invest up to 30% of the scheme's total net asset value in government securities of the same issue. The Manager may invest up to 10% of the interests of the scheme in collective investment schemes managed by the Manager or by an associated of the Manager.

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Years of Experience with
Fund Manager
Investment Industry
Fund Type Open Ended
Fund Category Balanced Funds
Doobia Jones Ranking Unranked
Board of Directors
  • Kojo Addae-Mensah (chairman)
  • Stephen Adei
  • Adelaide Ahwireng
  • Betty Zomerlo
  • Kwadwo Asante-Abedi
Auditors Baker Tilly Andah + Andah, Chartered Accountants, C645/3, 4th Crescent, Asylum Down, Accra.
Custodian Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited, P. O. Box 768, High Street, Accra
Registered Office 61 Barnes Road, Adabraka, Private Mail Bag, Ministries Post Office, Accra.
Place of Business 61 Barnes Road, Adabraka, Private Mail Bag, Ministries Post Office, Accra.
  • Barclays Bank Ghana Limited
  • Ghana International Bank Limited
  • Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana Limited
  • Standard Chartered Bank (GH) Limited
  • United Bank for Africa Limited
  • Zenith Bank Ghana Limited