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ACAP Canary Growth Fund

Thu, 01 Apr 2021
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Offer Price
01 Apr 2021
1.0610 0.0000
Close 1.0610 0.0000
Inception Date 13 Nov 2006
Fund Manager Alternative Cap. Partners Ltd
Management Fees 0.00%
6M Ch 0.07(+7.31%)arrow_drop_up
1Y Ch 0.19(+21.95%)arrow_drop_up
3Y Ch 0.18(+20.57%)arrow_drop_up

The ACAP CanaryGrowth Fund is an open-ended SEC registered collective investment scheme listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange Memorandum Quotation. ACAP CanaryGrowth Fund is a balanced Fund in its asset allocation structure and invests in the following assets classes: Equities, Fixed Income Securities (bonds), money market instruments and in real estate investments. ACAP aims to continuously preserve capital and yield superior returns in the medium to long term on your investment portfolio. The Fund is open to strategic investors- High Net worth Individuals, Pension Fund Administrators, Insurance Companies, Mortgage and Microfinance Banks, Endowment Funds, Family & Trust Funds, Educational centres, Charity Organisations, Religious Houses, Company Co-operatives & Staff Schemes and Federal, State & Local Governments including their Investment companies.

The fund manager intends to achieve reasonable capital appreciation in the course of managing the fund, using a long term asset allocation strategy. The asset of the fund will be invested in securities paying dividend or interest regularly. The investment selection process will be based on strong fundamental analysis and history of technical performance. The fund holds equities that are publicly traded, fixed income securities and real estate assets. The fund is designed to meet the needs of investors who have medium to long-term investment objectives.

Asset Class Target Rate (%)
Equity 20 - 70
Money Market 5. - 50
Real Estate 10. - 40
Fixed Income 10. - 50
Cash Maximum of 5

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Years of Experience with
Fund Manager
Investment Industry
Fund Type Open Ended
Fund Category Balanced and Mixed Funds
Doobia Jones Ranking Unranked
Board of Directors
Auditors Howarth Dafinone
Custodian United Bank for Africa PLC
Registered Office 176 Corporation Drive, Dolphin,Ikoyi, Lagos.
Place of Business 176 Corporation Drive, Dolphin,Ikoyi, Lagos.