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ARM Ethical Fund

Thu, 01 Apr 2021
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01 Apr 2021
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Fund Manager ARM Investment Managers
Management Fees 1.50%
6M Ch 5.05(+16.04%)arrow_drop_up
1Y Ch 10.77(+41.76%)arrow_drop_up
3Y Ch 7.00(+23.67%)arrow_drop_up
The ARM Ethical Fund is an open-ended fund designed to enable investors acquire holdings in line with ethical Islamic investment principles. The primary objective of the Fund is to achieve long-term capital appreciation and income distribution through investments in a select portfolio of securities and assets in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance and ethical values. The fund only invests in investments screened by a Shari'ah Advisory Board. The fund will not invest in any company that involves interest-bearing transactions, gambling, alcohol and tobacco, arms and ammunition or adult entertainment.

The Fund reflects ARM Investment Manager's value oriented approach to investment management. We seek investments that are trading below their intrinsic value, thereby creating opportunities for superior and consistent returns over the long-term. The principles and tenets of Shari'ah law will be upheld through the structure of the Fund which entails a disciplined investment process, an Advisory Board and an Investment Committee, comprising Shari'ah advisers with knowledge and expertise in Islamic investments.

The proportion of the Fund invested in each of the asset classes will vary within the ranges provided as the market environment changes, and their potential risk and return change. However, the proportion will always remain within the ranges below.


Real estate:0%-20%

Other Investments:10%-50%

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Fund Type Open Ended
Fund Category Ethical Funds
Doobia Jones Ranking Unranked
Board of Directors
Custodian Citibank Nigeria Limited
Registered Office ARM Investment Managers, 1 Mekunwen Road Off Oyinkan, Abayomi Drive Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.
Place of Business 1 Mekunwen Road Off Oyinkan, Abayomi Drive Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.