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Ghana Stock Exchange commences 30th anniversary celebration

The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), which was inaugurated on November 12, 1990 and launched on January 11, 1991 as a private company limited by guarantee, is set to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The celebrations began yesterday with a press briefing on the 6th Floor of the GSE, and is expected to climax in January 2021 with a press launch.


The Ghana Stock Exchange has grown significantly in the last three decades from 11 listed companies when it began operations in 1991 to the current 36 companies and 1 Exchange Tradable Fund. In addition to the significant appeal of the stock market to the financial sector to help banks and insurance companies raise long-term capital, growth has been driven by the creation of an enabling environment that allowed some SMEs to raise long-term capital through the Ghana Alternative Market, which was introduced in 2013.


The GSE currently has 19 Licensed Dealing members who help investors to buy or sell shares. They also help companies to raise long-term equity capital through the stock market or long-term debt capital through the Ghana Fixed Income Market. The GSE currently has about four registrars and 10 custodians that provide services to listed companies and investors.

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