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Financial Independence Fund Plc

Mon, 15 May 2023
Bid Price
Offer Price
14 May 2023
1.5828 1.5828
Close 1.5830 1.5830
Inception Date 04 Nov 2019
Fund Manager First Finance Company Limited
Management Fees 2.50%
6M Ch 0.02(-1.03%)arrow_drop_down
1Y Ch 0.11(+7.41%)arrow_drop_up
3Y Ch 0.48(+43.40%)arrow_drop_up

The Financial Independence Mutual Fund PLC is an open-ended mutual fixed income fund that invests in fixed income securities that are both long term and short term in nature. These investments include but are not limited to Treasury Bills and Notes, Commercial Paper, Corporate Notes and Bonds, Certificates of Deposits and Fixed Deposits issued by reputable institutions in Ghana. The Fund seeks to preserve and grow investors’ capital through investments in high credit-quality fixed income instruments carefully selected by the Fund Manager based on expertise and prevailing economic climate.

The fund invests primarily in well diversified investment-grade fixed income instruments that will provide security and liquidity. 

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Years of Experience with
Fund Manager
Investment Industry
Fund Type Open Ended
Fund Category Fixed Income Funds
Doobia Jones Ranking Unranked
Board of Directors
  • Zac Bentum
  • Gloria Akoto
  • Lawrence Agbui
Auditors John Kay and Co.
Custodian Republic Bank Ghana
Registered Office #63 Ring Road Central Accra
Place of Business #63 Ring Road Central Accra