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NIMED Fixed Income Fund Tier 1

Thu, 15 Dec 2022
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14 Dec 2022
0.1309 0.1309
Close 0.1310 0.1310
Inception Date 01 Jun 2020
Fund Manager Nimed Capital Limited
Management Fees 0.00%
6M Ch -
1Y Ch 0.02(+20.52%)arrow_drop_up
3Y Ch -

NIMED Fixed Income Fund Tier 1 is an open-ended Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) managed by NIMED Capital Limited. The primary objective of the fund is to maximize short term, medium term as well as long term income. The fund invests in a portfolio of highly secured fixed income securities including government securities, corporate debt securities, fixed deposit and other debt securities.

The two tier structure of NIMED Fixed Income fund offers the opportunity for individual as well as institutional investors to create long term investment value through a regular or one time investment. NIMED Fixed Income Fund Tier 1 invest primarily in short , medium and long term fixed income securities. The NIMED Fixed Income Fund Tier 1 is tailored for individuals who wish to set aside regular investments or a lump sum amount to meet their short term as well as long term financial goals

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  • Disregard fraudulent scheme on telegram – Nimed Capital

    Nimed Capital Limited wishes to notify its cherished clients and the general public to disregard an ongoing FRAUDULENT SCHEME on TELEGRAM in the name of Nimed Capital Limited, with HEAD ADMIN DR JEFFERY as the admin for the group. The group has displayed multiple products which are NOT part of what we offer. We strongly disassociate ourselves from this fraudulent act. We continue to remain committed to offer only products...

Fund Type Open Ended
Fund Category Fixed Income Funds
Doobia Jones Ranking Unranked
Board of Directors
Registered Office No. 95, Ambassadorial Drive, East Legon. CT 7021, Cantonments, Accra - Ghana.
Place of Business No. 95, Ambassadorial Drive, East Legon.